THE CARPENTER’S SHOP International was founded in 2001 through the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit and incorporated in 2005 under the Nonprofit Religious Corporation Laws. It is entrusted under the Christian leadership of Pastors Jerry and Penny Slavens and is comprised of a team of disciples who are dedicated to reaching the world for Jesus Christ. 

The specific purpose and passion of TCS International is as follows:

          1. To preach and present the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ across the nations through:
                    a. Evangelism Outreaches 
                    b. Evangelism Methods and Materials 

          2. To serve as an international Christian Resource Center for individuals, families, churches
              and nations through:
                    a. Biblical-based Counseling and Rehabilitation Programs
                    b. Prayer and Worship Centers
                    c. Christian Conferences and Retreats
                    d. Christian Research and Education Facilities

          3. To establish Christian churches and ministries internationally through:
                    a. Counsel – Ensuring leadership is properly and adequately equipped to assume ministerial roles and responsibilities.
                    b. Credentials – commission, license and ordination of persons to the ministry.
                    c. Sponsorship – church planting, ministry support and development, funding and financial accountability

          4. To build and strengthen the Kingdom of God worldwide through:
                    a. Discipleship Training – biblical education challenging personal spiritual growth and development
                    b. Leadership Training - biblical education challenging ministerial development and application.

          5. To provide relief aid to any and all nations suffering from poverty, natural catastrophes, terrorist attacks,
              and disasters due to war efforts through:
                    a. Personnel – to minister to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the people. 
                    b. Supplies – food, water, clothing, blankets, building materials and all other physical resources
                        necessary to sustain health and life.
                    c. Equipment – Earthmoving equipment to clear waste, clean debris and restructure the face of the
                        land in preparation for construction efforts.
                    d. Partnerships – to establish relationships and team with government agencies, corporations,
                        organizations and other non-profit organizations to ensure critical need is met and successful
                        completion of mission.

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