Deception is a pervasive force at work against mankind since the creation of the world. Its primary purpose is to infiltrate, defeat and ultimately destroy the people of God. With the staggering statistics on disease and death, in not only America, but also the western culture Church, one would be remiss not to ask…“Have we been deceived?”

Living in the capital of medical technology, surrounded by a culture of sports and fitness, and exposed to the largest communications of health awareness in the world…why are we burying our children, our athletes, and our dreams? Untold medical and scientific reports, are continuing to surface, exposing diet as the prominent, if not, number one culprit of disease and death in America. The American Cancer Society states in their 2006 Facts and Figures publication…“About 1,399,790 new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2006.” It continues to report, “This year about 564,830 Americans are expected to die of cancer, more than 1,500 people a day. Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the US, exceeded only by heart disease. In the US, cancer accounts for 1 of every 4 deaths.”

Dietary Deception is an emergency response to this very present public crisis. It investigates the sources we have been taught to trust, exposing prevalent health threats and equipping the community with fundamental instruction to arrest sickness and promote wellness. The curriculum itself is a study guide and reference tool, supplying critical health-related information. It includes biblical, historical, geographical, cultural, anatomical, chemical and nutritional facts and findings. Spanning this unique combination of components; this curriculum is designed to enrich you with a thorough perspective of dietary principles, nutritional elements and health practices.

In addition, Dietary Deception takes a sensitive yet serious look at the Church, recognizing it is not exempt from this cruel pandemic. Witnessing the untimely deaths of the brethren, it would be negligent to not address the pain of God’s people and provide an in-depth exploration of difficult dietary passages. Journeying through time, we travel the roads of ancient Palestine, following Jesus and learning with the rest of His disciples. We take you into Jerusalem and sit amidst the Jerusalem Council as James issues the “Gentile Decree”. Visiting the Roman Empire, we fellowship with our brethren in the early churches, listening to the wisdom of Paul’s letters.

Using the Word of God, as the final authority, Pastors Jerry and Penny Slavens, co-founders of The Carpenter’s Shop International (Christian Resource Center), has streamlined this critical and complex topic into an easy to understand and practical format. Having spent years researching data from physicians, nutritionists, scientists, healthcare, and diet professionals, they are compelled to share their disturbing and death-inducing discoveries. They are indebted to those who have “testimonies of tragedy” from the senseless violence of cunning deceit and are committed to take you into the unprecedented
“depth of deception” that you have fallen victim to.

For more information on the Dietary Deception conference scheduled September 16, 2006 please contact us directly at 925-778-0800.

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